Pocket Odds

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"Pocket Odds" - from the author of "Texas Calculatem" and "Holdem Genius" - puts the only odds you need right into your pocket.

This app will not bog you down with numbers, statistics, or dizzying graphs. It wont tell you your odds of hitting a straight, or how many outs you have. It merely tells you where your pre-flop hand ranks - and your % chance of having the best hand on the flop. Yes, thats right - the flop, not the River.

Why does it only tell you this? Because this is all you really need to know from a poker calculator. Any other numbers will only distract or mislead you.

The biggest mistake other poker calculators make is they rank your hand by calculating your odds all the way to the River. But pre-flop, when you need to make a decision based on knowing only two cards, what you really want to know is how well youll do on the FLOP. After the flop, there will be less players & more bluffing, and youll need to rely more on instinct than math.

Thats why this little app is quick and to the point. "Pocket Odds" will simply tell you how strong your hand is, pre-flop. And it only takes three or four taps from you!

So you may be wondering why you even need this program. After all, there are only 169 different starting hands in Holdem! This is true, but they "sort" quite a bit differently depending on the situation. How many opponents do you have? Are you looking to hit the flop, or wait to make your hand on the river?

The truth is, hands act differently in different situations. Did you know that 10-9 suited turns into the top hand on the flop 48% more often against 8 players than it does heads-up? Its true! Additionally, hand strength is a bit different when looking at the flop instead of the river. For example, 7-2 off-suit, which is generally considered the worst starting hand in poker, averages better on the flop than 2-3, no matter how many opponents you have. In fact when "Heads-up", there are 16 hands that are worse "floppers" than 7-2 off.

"Pocket Odds" will tell you all this, instantly. (And discreetly - there is even a "vibrate" button so you can pretend you are getting an incoming text message!)

Oh, and it will even tell you your odds of winning at the River, just in case you miss the other poker calculators :-)